Why Publish?

Allow your work be read by all and you earn ROYALTY for the hard work you have put in.

You can publish Original Work & also use master thesis or a doctoral thesis done done by you or under your guidance either whole or partial as you find suitable with the limitation that the submission for book publication should not be less than 42 pages and not more than 620 pages

As an academician & researcher you can publish your scripts, lecture notes, thesisdissertation or research in collaboration with Whites Science Innovation Ltd., UK.

Publishing Your Research

 We are looking for completed research papers from diverse fields for publication. The publication process is rapid and once the manuscript is received we not only publish it but make sure it is up for sale within 10-15 days.

As an author you can earn a handsome amount as royalty commission.(For publications that are not open access)

We are interested in monographs, master thesisdissertationspostdoctoral thesis and lecture notesresearch work & exhaustive reviews in area of Science & Technology.

If yes, then we have information useful for you on how to publish?