All drug delivery systems, oral drug delivery remain the most preferred option for administration for various drugs. Sustained Release is also providing promising way to decrease the side effect of drug by preventing the fluctuation of the therapeutic concentration of the drug in the body. The basic rationale of sustained drug delivery system optimizes of the biopharmaceutical, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics properties of a drug in such a way that utility is maximized, side-effects are reduced and cure of the disease is achieved. Sustained release drug delivery is improved patient compliance due to less frequent drug administration, reduction of fluctuation in steady-state drug levels, maximum utilization of the drug, increased safety margin of potent drug, reduction in healthcare costs through improved therapy and shorter treatment period. The principal goal of sustained release forms is the improvement of drug therapy assessed by the relationship between advantages and disadvantages of the use of sustained release system.
Keywords: Sustained release, Mechanism of drug release, Matrix tablet, Drug properties.