Janardan Chaudhary, Royana Singh, S N Shamal, K Supriya, Mona Srivastava, RS More

ABSTRACT Lung is the one of the first organ to metabolise the cigarette smoke contents soon after inhalation. Adult male mice were assigned to six different groups different groups (Group I (control),Group II (Tocopheryl acetate), Group III (soyabean oil used as vehicle for Tocopheryl acetate), Group IV (Cigarette smoke Exposed), Group V (Cigarette smoke exposed plus Tocopheryl acetate) and Group VI(Cigarette smoke exposed plus soyabean oil) were exposed to cigarette smoke 3 times a day for 20 minutes each time for 28 days and Tocopheryl acetate with dose of 200mg/kg/day in 0.3ml of soyabean oil as vehicle orally through oral gavage. Cigarette smoke exposed lung appreciated highly in pathogenicby lymphatic nodular around hyperplasia bronchus collapsed alveolar sac, inflammatory interalveolar septum. Lung of cigarette smoke exposed group showed significantly increased oxidant level as malondialdehyde 815.2±54.62 μmol/mg protein (Group V) and 823.5±68.17 μmol/mg protein (Group VI). Tocopheryl acetate administrated to cigarette smoke exposed lung(Group V) markedly reduced the severity of the pathogenesis and oxidant level(570.5±56.32 μmol/mg protein). Present study, tocopheryl acetate thought to be as a protective agent against cigarette smoke. Keywords : Reactive oxygen species; Emphysematous lung; Antioxidant