R. K. Chaudhari, A. Niraula1, S. Thapa, O. Sherchand, B. Pradhan, M. Lamsal, N. Baral


Background: Assessment of proteinuria is used as a diagnostic as well as a prognostic marker for kidney disease. 24 hours urinary protein is a gold standard method to assess proteinuria but collection of 24 hours urine is time consuming, and despite of proper instruction to patients, there may be inevitable chances of error during collection of 24 hours urine sample or inaccuracy in the timing of collection. 

Objective: The present study was conducted to find the correlation of 24HUP and PCR in spot urine in our setup at various level of proteinuria irrespective of its cause and establish a cutoff PCR value at proteinuria ≥150mg/day. 

Material and Methods: Sixty four patients with clinically suspected cases of proteinuria were recruited after convenient sampling method. 24 hours urine, spot urine and blood sample were collected after obtaining the informed consent. 

Results: A significant positive correlation (Spearman’s correlation r = 0.70, P < 0.0001) was observed between 24 HUP and PCR in spot urine, and we also observed a stronger correlation with degree of proteinuria from ≥150 mg/day to ≥1000 mg/day. 

Conclusion: A cutoff PCR value >0.2 was found to be equivalent to proteinuria ≥150 mg/day as assessed by a standard method. 

Key words: Kidney disease, proteinuria, specimen collection, urine