Amrita Kumari, Mandavi Singh, Anand Mishra, Shamsher Shrestha, Uttam Shrestha


Desvenlafaxine is a bicyclic phenylethylamine compound which inhibit neuronal uptake of 5-HT and norepinephrine,with significantly lower in vitro affinity for norepinephrine. This drug is used for the treatment of depressive disorder. In the present study, desvenlafaxine is administered by oral gavage at the dose of 80mg/kg body wt from gestational day(GD) 1 to 18.The control group was treated with equivalent amount of tap water for the same duration of gestation. The fetuses were collected on GD 19 after uterotomy and observed for gross malformations if any. Desvenlafaxine treated mice showed significant weight reduction and severe hemorrhagic patches in different parts of the body. Similarly, malrotated, flexed and extended limbs were also observed in the fetuses of treated groups. These results suggested that desvenlafaxine induce teratological changes in Swiss albino mice.

Key words: Teratolgy, Phenylethylamine, Antidepressants