Yadav S, Pathak B


Introduction: Measurement of human body and its different parts are used for various purposes like: industrial purpose for clothing design, medical, surgical and dental purpose. It is used in the detection and correction of body defects, preparation for cosmetic surgeries and estimation of general health. Criminal and other identification; anthropometry has a role in personal identification and hence is used in to identify criminals.

Objectives: To provide correlation between lengths of forearm, hand, leg and foot with stature.

Materials and method: The data were collected from students of age group between 17 to 21 years of both gender. Total sample size was 200 (100 male and 100 female) and parameters were measured by using standard height measuring machine and tape.

Result: Out of four parameters, leg length showed highest degree of correlation (r=0.8847) and foot length showed least degree (r=0.7664) of correlation with the stature.

Conclusion: This study data will help in medico legal cases, among people of different regions, when only some parts of body are found in cases like bomb blast, mass disaster and accident. Estimation of stature becomes more reliable and identification of individual is easily established.

Key words: stature, anthropometric, leg length, forearm, hand and foot.