Introduction: Cardio vascular disease is the most common cause in elderly people worldwide reaching 17- million annually. Stroke has been used to include episodes of focal brain dysfunction due to focal ischemia or hemorrhage as well as sub-arachanoid hemorrhages. Stroke ranking 3rd in mortality behind heart disease and cancer. Most popular drugs used worldwide for the prevention of cardiovascular incidents and stroke are antiplatelets and anticoagulants. 
Materials & Methods: The present prospective observational study was carried out in the department of General Medicine (IP) of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Kadapa, AP,  A total of 864 subjects were studied in 1yr (October 2012- October 2013) & the patients are enrolled to the study according to the inclusion & exclusion criteria.
Results:   In the present study antiplatelets use in the treatment of Myocardial infraction (MI)  and  Heart failure (HF), as a combination of aspirin + clopidrogel (14.46%)  & (6.48%)  respectively and aspirin alone was less compared to combination therapy i.e., 6.8%  & 6.13%. The usage of antiplatelets + anticoagulants (Aspirin + Clopidogrel + LMWH) was observed in the regular practice for treatment of Angina (12.03%) and DVT (10.76%). The anti-coagulant alone was used in Atrial fibrillation and DVT.
Conclusion: Our results demonstrated that use of antiplatelets is the most common or frequent 1st line agent for cardiovascular events & Stroke. And also we found that the combination therapy may be more superior to monotherapy with respect to specific patients groups. 
Quality improvement measures to educate physicians of the evidence regarding antiplatelets & anticoagulant drugs for cardiovascular events and stroke.
Keywords: Antiplatelets, Anticoagulants, Stroke, Cardiovascular diseases, Aspirin