Shruti Lakhanpa, Neelima Menon S

Purpose: To compare and evaluate the flexibility of retentive terminal of acetal resin clasp and cobalt chromium clasp
Methodology: twenty acetal resin and cobalt chromium clasps were used over an undercut of 0.5 mm. The flexibility of the clasps were measured using a tensometer and the retentive force was recorded in Newtons. The data were subjected to statistical analysis using Student’s t test.
Results: The mean force to cause a deflection of 0.5 mm was 4.53 for acetal resin clasp and 18.69 for cobalt chromium clasp. The mean flexibility of acetal resin clasp was significantly higher than that of cobalt chromium clasp.
Conclusion: Within the limitations of the study, it can be concluded that the retentive terminal of acetal resin clasp when compared with cobalt chromium clasp exhibits displacement within the range of force required to dislodge circumferential clasp
Keywords: Acetal Resin Clasp, Cast clasp