Abhijit Sonje, Arun Yadav, A. Chandra, D. A. Jain

The main object of this study was to find out effect of two different lubricants at different concentrations (1% and 2%), of four different drugs. Four different drugs were selected according to Biopharmaceutical Classification System and their availability of antihypertensive drugs like Class 1- Propranolol Hcl, Class 2- Carvedilol, Class 3- Atenolol, and Class 4- Hydrochlorothiazide. From this study, it was revealed that, retardation of drug release increased as the concentration of lubricant increases. Sodium Stearyl Fumerate gives better result than Magnesium Stearate.   
KEYWORDS : Lubricants, Biopharmaceutical Classification System, Antihypertensive Drugs.