Rintu Chaturvedi, S. K. Maheshwari

Background: Alcoholism is one of the major evil existing in the society which hampers the normal functioning of the
family. The Number of the wives of Alcoholic is getting increased in the population of India.
1) To assess the marital satisfaction among wives of alcoholic husband
2) To assess level of addiction of alcoholic husband.
3) To associate marital satisfaction among the wives of alcoholic husband with their socio-demographic profile.
Materials and Methods: The study design was descriptive, 90 wives of alcoholic husband who fulfill the inclusive
criteria were selected as sample, based on non-probability convenient sampling technique, the data was collected by
using Socio-Demographic Profile, AUDIT scale & Marital adjustment test, after getting the informed consent from the
study participants tool was administered.
Results: Majority of alcoholic husband 29 (32.2% ) had possible dependence for alcohol addiction with average mean 16.36
and SD 8.71, majority of the wives of alcoholic husband 35(38.8%) had low acuity of marital satisfaction, there was no
association found between levels of marital satisfaction among wives of alcoholic husband with their demographic Variables.
Conclusion: Study concluded that alcohol addiction negatively affects the quality of marital relationships. So there is
need for the various authorities to intervene to reduce the health burden associated with heavy drinking.
Key words:- Assess, marital satisfaction, wives of alcoholic husband.