Deshmukh Arun Rangrao, Kharat Ravindra Sahebrao Deshpande Manasi M

The use of plants, animal products and minerals as a source of medicine and food is as old as humanity itself. Ancients discovered medicinal properties of them, developed folk and herbal medicines and finally gave rise to traditional system of herbal medicine such as Ayurveda. Raktagunja is included in Upavisha Gana of Bhaprakash Nighantu as it has toxic effect. But if it is used by Yukti it is useful in various Kasthasadhya diseases like Mutrakruccha,Jwara and Vajikaran.Shodhana process is said to be very effective to discard the poisonous effects, but it is necessary to create an evidence by employing modern scientific techniques. 
Keywords: Abrus precatorious,Raktagunja,Shodhana, detoxification.