Publication Charges

IJTA has been publishing peer reviewed QUALITY research and review articles and we genuinely believe in publishing OPEN ACCESS for wide spread dissemination of knowledge.

Authors are expected to support Open Access Initiative for their published article. By supporting both publication and archiving costs through payment of a fee of Rs.2000 per manuscript (International US $ 50 Bank transfer charges to be borne by the author) ,authors can provide free online access to their published article, in perpetuity, to any online user. A subscription to the online journal will not be required to access full-text versions of these open access articles.

The decision to publish shall be communicated to the author within One Week of receiving the manuscript and shall be subsequently published in the next Volume.

Authors seeking to publish their manuscript are required to submit manuscript for review to: IJTA@NPAA.IN


Submit manuscript at Choose – Others in Category of submission. Online submission helps faster and convenient tracking of the manuscript.

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