Reshma Babu, Neelima Menon S

INTRODUCTION: Implants are the mainstay of prosthetic dentistry nowadays. The number of accessory implant components essential for prosthetic rehabilitation are many. However De novo purchase of these components becomes an expensive treatment modality. So it becomes essential for the clinician to know about the reusability of these implant components without affecting the purpose served by them. Metal components are most commonly reused as they can be easily sterilized.Evaluation of reusability of impression copings on the accuracy of implant transfer. To assess the effect of multiple use of impression copings on the accuracy of direct and indirect implant transfer techniques and to assess the effect of sterilization on the accuracy of implant transfer.  An acrylic resin cast consisting of five parallel holes was fabricated. Dummy implants were fixed into the holes with autopolymerizing acrylic resin. Twenty four custom impression trays (12 open trays and 12closed trays) were fabricated. Definitive impressions were made using Vinylpolysiloxane impression material.
No statistical significance was seen between different impression techniques and each cycle of sterilization on the accuracy of impression.
Within the limitation of this study, it was concluded that the impression copings can be retrieved, cleaned, sterilized and reused upto twelve times without compromising the accuracy of the implant transfer while making impressions.
Keywords: Implants, dental impression technique, impression copings, sterilization