Publication Charges

Publication of book requires a team of dedicated editors and a lot many people who work to bring the work in publishable format and work day in & night out to boost sale of the books. 

All this is associated with a huge cost; however we don’t expect the author to bear it all therefore we have divided the expenses and we charge a very small fraction of the cost incurred from authors and rest we earn through sale of books and we are more than happy to pay you royalties too.

Over a period of time authors will get paid back through royalty commission on sale of their books lifelong. We pay authors through direct bank deposit or through PayPal®. Royalty payments will be made by end of first quarter of any financial year. i.e for books published in 2013, the payments will be sent between April 2014 & June 2014.

The authors need to pay

Processing Charges of Rs. Rs. 2999/- per title

Print copy of the book by post on payment of Rs. 999/-

Ability to pay does not guarantee its publication as the content is scrutinized thoroughly for content & quality. Only books that meet our quality standards & are of interest to readers will be published.

We do not offer Open Access books as we need to finance our expenses by selling the books. We therefore hold back the right to decide on as to which books to publish. However, on exceptional request of authors we may make it available as open Access.

Book Pricing & Discounts

Books shall be priced around Rs. 400 and above upto Rs. 3500/- for sale in India and GBP 40 and above for international sales. The mentioned charges are indicative only and the actual cost may vary at the sole discretion of the publisher.

Authors will be shipped a hard copy of their book on sale of ten books, however authors are entitled to 40% discount on purchase of their own books.

Authors who wish to order multiple copies shall be eligible for 25% discount on order of 10 or more copies.

How we promote sale?amazon

Your books shall reflect on major search engines and our website too making it easier for readers to find the book.

The book can be easily purchased online as from our website

Apart from this we will be submitting our catalog to AMAZON® in collaboration with Whites Science Innovation Ltd., United Kingdom for our marketing needs.